Watson and Dhoni Propel Super Kings to 211 in IPL 2018

If blitzkrieg is the word, then Shane Watson and MS Dhoni are the ones who by virtue of their game describe it the best. In their match against Delhi Daredevils it seemed as if the two are on a rampage after their eight-wicket loss to Mumbai in their previous match. Delhi captain ShreyasIyer had won the toss and elected to bowl. Little he would have expected opener Shane Watson to hit 78 of 40 balls including four 4s and seven 6es. The next high scorer was MS Dhoni who came in at number five and going on to hit 51 of just 22 deliveries. He hit five 6es and two 4s. It would now be interesting to watch what plan do the Daredevils come up with to tackle this high total.

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