Golden Jeeto, like its parent concern Golden Technologies, carefully adheres to the central as well as state legislations of India. It is our sincerest endeavour to protect our users against any legal risk or complication. Hence, the fantasy sports games available on our website, as well as their respective paid formats are all meticulously designed such that they are in compliance with the relevant regulations of the Indian Law.


As per the Indian Law, games can be broadly categorised under two heads, viz-

Games of Chance

This head includes the games in which the determination of the final winner depends on sheer luck, and nothing more. Given that luck is an uncertain factor and can neither be used to speculate results or be manipulated by putting in extra efforts, such games are considered illegal by the law as they are deemed to constitute ‘gambling’

Games of Skill

This head comprise of the games wherein the determination of the results is largely based on the skill of the player, and the effort put in by him/her. In this case, aspects such as knowledge, training, experience and the expertise of the player largely determine the outcome. Hence, these games do not constitute ‘gambling’ and are thus considered legal.

Indian Law on Gambling

The Public Gambling Act, 1867 (“PGA”) is the ruling law with respect to the governance of gambling in India. The act deems gambling in a public forum as a criminal offence. It also forbids the holding of a ‘common gambling house’.

The act, however, exempts any ‘game of mere skill’ from its gamut. As per the classification described above, the wherever the dominant factor in determining the result of the game is skill, and not luck, it is considered to be a ‘Game of Skill’. It must, however, be understood, that the element of chance cannot be entirely undermined in this regard, however, the principle governing factor is the skill of the player(s) and their expertise.

Odisha and Assam

When it comes to Golden Jeeto, all our games are primarily based on the user’s knowledge of a given game, his/her ability to speculate the same, and the expertise in paying attention to various details which can have an impact on the final results.

In each game, that is available on the Golden Jeeto Platform, the element of skill majorly lies in the process of the formulation of the team. Here, the users are constrained by a large number of meticulously laid down rules by the Golden Jeeto Team as well as the limitations which are a part of the sport itself. Therefore, it is mandatory for the user to make use of his/her proficiency of qualitative assessment to analyse the value proposition of each player based on their performance patterns, strengths and weaknesses. It is only through this painstaking theoretical evaluation that the user can go ahead and formulate a fantasy team.

Moreover, the actual ‘act of playing’ is also what makes the games of Golden Jeeto, ‘games of skill’. Right from putting in time and effort to making a judgement call on each player, every aspect of the game is based on the application of skill.

Thus, we firmly believe that all the games on the Golden Jeeto platform essentially qualify as ‘games of skill’, and are hence are considered to be in compliance with The Public Gambling Act, 1867 (“PGA”).

Conclusively, Golden Jeeto Games do not constitute ‘gambling’ under the central as well as most of the state gambling statutes in India.

Odisha and Assam

In India, apart from the Public Gambling Act implemented by the centre, several states have specific state laws in place with respect to gambling and gaming. In case, where a distinct state law exists, it essentially supersedes the central law of PGA.

In this regard, the state laws of Odisha and Assam, do not clearly specify whether playing the games of skill for a fee is legal or not. It is for this reason that Golden Jeeto does not permit users who are residents of any of these two states, to participate in any of the paid formats of the various fantasy sports games on the platform.

The residents of these two statesare, however, permitted to enjoy the free versions of Golden Jeeto’s fantasy games.